Where One Should Have Never Been


Where One Should Have Never Been...

WOSHNB is a short story. It was published in the Literary Journal: Midwestern Gothic. The short story was featured in Issue #21 (Spring). Midwestern Gothic, LLC is an independent book publisher in Chicago committed to publishing diverse, outstanding writing inspired by the Midwestern United States by writers who live or have lived here. Our company is built around two distinct efforts.

WOSHNB is a story about Edgar Daniels. Edgar Daniels is loner who prefers solitude to the company of people. Beaten down by the weight of a secret he carries which shames him so badly he has shared it with no one. Edgar buys a remote cabin in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. He is hoping to use sparsely populated area to carry out a gruesome plan to correct his dark secret. As he runs into different people, he fears they will discover his intent.

You can purchase print or digital copies of the 21st, or any other issues of MG at: midwesterngothic.com