Zachary Gruchow...

is a modern fiction writer and poet.

Zachary was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the 21st of March, 1980. Raised by his father, Zachary experienced a troubled upbringing and barely finished high school. After a period of youthful moratorium, he attended Grand Rapids Community College and earned an Associate's Degree in Philosophy.

In order to pay for further schooling and pull his life in a different direction, Mr. Gruchow joined the Army in November, 2004. He deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division during the United States' occupation from September '05 to September '06. Zachary finished his enlistment in Afghanistan attached to US Special Forces and received the Army Combat Action Badge.

After the Army, Zachary moved back to Grand Rapids and returned to college and received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University. He continued his education and earned two Graduate Degrees in Psychology and Professional Counseling.

Mr. Gruchow's first book is entitled Eros & Agape. It is a collaboration between himself and artist Erwin Erkfitz (erwinerkfitz.com), featuring Zachary's poetry and Mr. Erkfitz's visuals and illustrations.

Zachary's piece of short fiction, Where One Should Have Never Been, was published in the 21st Issue of the literary journal Midwestern Gothic (midwestgothic.com).

He is currently working on his first novel, Biela's Comet. For further details, please check this website regularly.